Monday, March 9, 2009

My Baby Girl's Growing Up

Well, my daugher has been 5 for two weeks now! I should've wrote about it sooner, but I just haven't wanted to face it yet. Nor do I know exactly what I want to say. On one hand I can't believe she's already 5 and on the other, I can't believe she is ONLY 5. She's such a big girl. She's more like 5 going on 15! Well, at least 7 or 8.
Her party was great... or at least I think so. We had a bowling party complete with her special order birthday cake. She requested a cake with flowers and a purple bowling ball on top. I managed it, but just barely. She had such a good time bowling with Rhonda's kids and Surprise! They all managed to take turns and there weren't any melt downs... well at least they all waited until they reached their cars. And bless their little hearts for that. Much appreciated.
She loves cards. And she had lots of fun opening her cards, especially the musical ones. Aubrey is such a blessing in my life, I only hope we can continue to be friends as she grows. This past year I've been trying to adjust to the fact that she will be starting school. She is so excited about starting school, that when we got home from the party, she put out an outfit for school on Monday! Poor thing, she's stuck at home until August. I've decided to dedicate this time to helping her be excited and prepare her as best I can. Of course, I'd rather be crying about her growing up too fast. I think I'll save the tears for her first day of school.
And then spend the next year preparing for her little brother to start school. All my babies are growing up. Guess it's time for me to grow up too!

PS. Rhonda I keep forgetting to tell you that my dad saw your parents the day after Aubrey's party and raved about how polite and well-behaved your kids are!

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Rhonda said...

Boy, your dad really missed out on the show the kids put on after the party. I think he would have changed his comments. Sweet though that he mentioned it. I can't believe how big your sweet girl is! I think I might cry when she starts school. She is so ready though and you will have a lot of time with little man.